After #CoE2010 I feel inspired, empowered and connected

Back from the stunning event in Dubai by Abraaj Capital. Oh, you should know it by now it’s The Celebration of Entrepreneurship and yes, it was more of a celebration than a conference, I had awesome time and met awesome people including being mentored for a total of 60 minutes by Mr. Arif Naqvi and Mrs. Linda Rottenberg.

I’m just waking up and having the chance to write, of course I have dozens of ideas and anecdotes to share, but now, I should go get my projects back on trackand will be coming back here and on with details. will tease you now with this awesome video from Karabeesh introducing the event.

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The good news is, that’s not it, that was just the first spark launching a framework in which a lot of entrepreneurial activities will take place. If you missed the event, register at stay tuned for the videos from the event and interact with the event attendees and more entrepreneurs in the region through Wamda.

Warning: The amount of energy and inspirational can make you go out of your mind ..

Watch on YouTube:
(Inspired by Karabeesh CoE2010 101 video)