Brand Positioning in Football @EtisalatMisr & @VodafoneEgypt

Brand Positioning in Football @EtisalatMisr & @VodafoneEgypt

As an entrepreneur, having marketing and branding going through my veins, I like taking a deeper look at the billboards around the city. The slick design and fancy look of Etisalat Ads grabbed my attention since its introduction in the Market.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Yet, I could observe a marketing battle between Etisalat & Vodafone after Etisalat launched Al Ahly Football Campaign. Etisalat closed a three years sponsorship deal for Al Ahly Football Team T-Shirt for a full 135 Million EGP (Read More) and launched a campaign after that.

As you might know, branding is about fighting for a position in the customer’s mind, its a battle that takes place in customers’ minds as they associate a brand with a specific word. The Etisalat campaign was clearly associating the quality of Etisalat service with key points of strength in Al Ahly team.

After Etisalat campaign Vodafone Egypt launched a Football campaign associating its brand as the official sponsor of football in Egypt, being more general and inclusive I thought it was quite a wicked hit for Etisalat’s campaign.

The last photo shows players dressed up in different T-Shirts, coming from different teams probably playing for the national team (including Al-Ahly) — when you think about this from a branding and positioning stand point, I think Vodafone was successful in retaliating to Etisalat campaign by being more general and inclusive, what do you think?

And branding campaigns around the city still grabs my attention and I love analyzing what’s behind the designs, locations and messages there…

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