On the promise of TV Stardom, USAID-funded Bamyan Media abuses El Mashrou3 Contestants!

I had my blood boiling when I was told the story..

Publicly some of them seemed not to appreciate the experience for some reasons, but I thought it’s just the bitterness of losing a competition.

Contestent1_Feedback Contestent2_Feedback

Then, I was told..

Grabbing by the hand and threatening with a contract, the least can be labelled a “slavery contract” and using it to shut everyone up and stop them from demanding their rights?

Is this how a “social enterprise” functions?

Using people’s longing to TV Stardom to pass on terms, that I would pass to my friends at “Human Rights” institutions to check out for “Human Rights Violation”, before passing it to lawyers!

“You signed a contract, and by the way, it’s a very very aggressive contract”

That’s how David Elliot, threatened one of the contestants when they stood up against bullying

Of course, you can easily reflect the loyalty of a few, with the usual of some cheap PR tricks to the side

But this contracts speaks louder for what’s really going on and why would you want take this away from people?

And then threaten them and grab them if they don’t comply, and oh, as the contract states it, they can’t talk about it publicly,

They are required to take your abuse and shut the heck up in fear for what might happen if they don’t comply, slavery much?

And please, next time, when you are lured with TV Stardom or everything, make someone else read the contract for you, they might see what you can’t see.

What was really intriguing is that by the end of my interviews with some of the contestants they said the same thing, without even knowing it…

We just want to show this David Elliot that whoever told them that you abuse Egyptians all you want…

And then lure them with the promise of money and prizes if they don’t like it…

And they will take your money and prizes and shut up…

Was wrong

Was very very wrong!

This is not Afghanistan where things can be buried forever!

* This is only one story of dozens and dozens of stories I founds out in the past few weeks while “investigating” Bamyan Media’s work in Egypt, will be out on a good time!