Group Coaching Program (Bi-Monthly)

Who should attend?


Service providers with Arabic-speaking clientele


Entrepreneurs launching or expanding in MENA

Corporate Professionals

seeking positions or promotions in MENA

Digital Nomads

Feel comfortable to spend time in Arabia

What you'll learn?

Conversational Language

Smoothly master essential Arabic conversations

Cultural Acumen

Become an insider to Arabic culture and delicacies

Specialist Jargon

Don't miss or misunderstand another expression again

AI Tools

Master available AI tools to converse like a local

Course Content

  1. Introduction to the Arabic language and its importance in the MENA region
  2. Overview of Arabic dialects and variations
  3. Understanding cultural nuances and etiquette in Arabic-speaking countries
  4. Importance of language proficiency for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads
  1. Arabic alphabet and pronunciation guide
  2. Common greetings and expressions in Arabic
  3. Numbers, dates, and time in Arabic
  4. Introduction to basic vocabulary and phrases used in business settings
  1. Building conversational skills in Arabic
  2. Expanding vocabulary for business communication
  3. Expressing opinions, asking questions, and giving instructions in Arabic
  4. Practice exercises and role-playing scenarios for real-life business situations
  1. Advanced vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in business Arabic
  2. Polishing pronunciation and accent for clear communication
  3. Enhancing listening and comprehension skills in Arabic
  4. Mastering complex grammar structures and sentence patterns
  1. Introduction to AI-powered language learning tools and platforms
  2. Using AI for personalized learning experiences and adaptive feedback
  3. Incorporating AI into language practice sessions for optimal proficiency
  4. Leveraging AI technologies for language assessment and progress tracking
  1. Deep dive into MENA culture, traditions, and customs
  2. Understanding business etiquette and protocol in Arabic-speaking countries
  3. Building rapport and fostering relationships in the MENA business environment
  4. Strategies for navigating cultural differences and building trust with Arabic-speaking counterparts
  1. Overview of the MENA business landscape and key industries
  2. Identifying market trends, challenges, and opportunities in MENA countries
  3. Case studies of successful business ventures in the MENA region
  4. Strategies for market entry, expansion, and growth in MENA markets
  1. Importance of networking and relationship-building in MENA cultures
  2. Tips for effective networking and professional relationship management
  3. Leveraging digital platforms and social media for business networking in MENA
  4. Creating opportunities for collaboration and partnership in the MENA business community
  1. Integration of language skills, cultural knowledge, and market insights into a real-world project
  2. Development of a business proposal, marketing plan, or project presentation in Arabic
  3. Feedback and guidance from instructors and peers on the capstone project
  4. Presentation of capstone projects and celebration of course completion
  1. Case #1: Business Interviews
  2. Case #2: Sales Professionals
  3. Case #3: Marketing Professionals
  4. Case #4: VC/Startup Pitching
  5. Case #5: Media Professionals
  6. Case #6: Islamic Studies