Google Ebda2 – Project Management Tools

Google Ebda2 – Project Management Tools

As a part of Google Ebda2 Crash Course to entrepreneurs who passed the competitions initial phase, I would like to share the resources I mentioned during the presentation and chat more about project management and available tools.

I wanted to strengthen on the fact that project management for entrepreneurs should be approached as a very simple subject to get stuff done, by then project management for a startup entrepreneur is not a complete body of knowledge to educate – at this stage – but it’s only about deliverables.

By then project management is simply about who is doing what, when. We’ve used the example of four individuals came up with the idea of an iPhone App and moved on with the example through different stages.

Here are some important resources that I mentioned:

Short link to access this is

Alternatives to Basecamp:

Following presenting is interesting as an extension to what you’ve learned from today’s session:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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Enjoy! If you have any question about project management for startups, feel free to post here and let’s discuss it together!


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