I’m Abdelrahman Magdy (aka; Abdo) an Egyptian Entrepreneur, passionate about technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and public speaking. Currently running Egypreneur a grassroots entrepreneurship movement in Egypt and Al-Adham Web Solutions a creative web company.

I maintain a quite formal website serves as my profile, giving detailed information about my background, my professional experience and projects I’m currently working on. In case you’re interested to know detailed information about me, feel free to check my Professional Website.

I started blogging when I get triggered with something a group of people don’t understand about my culture, my religion or my country. Other than reacting with aroused Emotions, I thought to have the pro-activity to start showing up, taking the lead and expressing myself as clear as possible. And explaining why am I proud of who I’m.

Also, in the last few years I had been actively using social media to get to know people, accordingly started  publishing my own content and share my own ideas. That’s when the idea of that blog had been crystallized to center my online communications and brand my content with my own brand; not to lose an article or a video I invested sometime in creating even years ago.

So, abdo.me is a general purpose personal blog, the main topics that interest the author – along with articles about current events and personal updates – are:

  • Self Learning and Development
  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Public Speaking
  • Cross Cultures and Religions Dialog
  • Life Experience
  • Islamic Subjects

Content will be published in the following formats:

  • Articles
  • Pod Casts (Audio Only)
  • Videos (Vlogs & Presentations)
  • Reports (PDF Documents)

All my content published on that blog or any account associated with it (YouTube, Flickr .etc) is licensed under the following Creative Commons License, If you want to reproduce any of my work or get access to the original files used in its creation, feel free to Contact Me.

I’ll be doing my best developing quality content, and publishing some beneficial PDF documents out of the discussions and blogs will be taking place here soon, Insha’ Allah (God Willing).

– Abdo