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Public Speaking Having and event or a conference and want someone to speak about entrepreneurship, the web, social media, technology, innovation, startups, public speaking, leadership or creativity. I have a lot to say when it comes to these subjects, plus, I do it professionally! I’m awarded the Competent Communicator recognition from ToastMasters International the world’s most popular organization for public speaking. You can find some of my speaking experiences on my portfolio! If you have got the setting and just need the speaker, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call.

Training & Coaching

As a self-taught professional and entrepreneur, I get to understand the ins and outs of how to do it, it’s my passion now to pass this experience through being involved with people either individually in the form of coaching or in training workshops, Beside I’m currently running a limited-access club called Leadership Practices Club, contact me if you’re interested to join. If your company needs a refreshment in some specific subject from someone with the experience, or you’re a start-up looking to develop your team’s technical, managerial or leadership skills on the way, I might be able to help. Stay in touch through my Facebook Page will be announcing some interesting workshops soon.

Campaign Design

I have passion for PR, Campaign & Event Design. Influencing the public had been always something I loved getting into, through my work on Egypreneur I had been challenging the perception of the public about entrepreneurs while influencing others to step up and start their journey as entrepreneurs. I served as VP of PR at Cairo ToastMasters Club for two years, during which the club established its image online. I have also been leading communication work for Egypreneur since its beginning at 2008. Being a part of several organizations including Egypreneur, I had the opportunity to work on designing events plus working on my own events. Here is a sample feedback from one of the events I help designing Being Muslim In Europe photo exhibition event: A vigorous, trustworthy and meticulous hard working man. He was the principal organizer of the event. – Ahmed Krausen If you’re planning a campaign, starting the work on an event concept or boosting the PR for your business and need help with creative ideas and a professional approach, drop me a line.

Strategy Consulting

I’m a new generation entrepreneur, said to have an interesting view on how things should be ran, I had been in charge of all business aspects since working as a freelancer and currently running multiple successful entities. I can help Startups, SMEs and Corporations alike to look at things differently, more lightly, creatively and entrepreneurially. Utilizing new robust techniques in identifying and solving pressing business problems. I offer a tailored service for entrepreneurs and startups called the Startup Clinic and will be rolling out some interesting initiatives for SMEs soon.