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Today, thought about a theme I sensed in everything I do lately, imperfect, while I’m capable of making it better. That’s why during that month, August, I’ll be trying to sort out the clutter in my life and start over especially with the business site relaunch with more determination and more organized.

I can frankly say, for me, it’s not about lack of intelligence, qualifications or even time. It’s just emotions which was driving me to a “Whatever!” and “Who cares” attitudes!

But, hey,  you’ll still be impressed by the stuff I do, despite these imperfections.

An Arabic poet once said:

I never saw among people’s imperfections, and imperfection like, producing things incompletely while you’re capable of making it complete.

– Abdo

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3 Replies to “Imperfections!

  • Hicham

    By Hicham

    Imperfection is a part of human nature in my opinion but this dosen’t mean to ignore doing things right or give up; on the contrary this means try to do things as perfect as we can during the available time.

  • Abdo

    By Abdo

    Yah! Agree Hicham, but sometimes you do things that you don’t understand how it came from you, launching a project late or incomplete, while you do have an excellent plan and more than capable of making it better, should stir an alarm that you need to wake up and be yourself.

    Even our role in life is perfecting ourselves, to be ready for the paradise, the same concept could be applied to our work.

    Excellent blog by the way, just checked it now. Are you on Facebook?


    – Abdo

  • Abdo

    By Abdo

    I got to your about page and connecting on Facebook, looks like we know each others online from 5 years or something!!

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