Trust & integrity in business ..

Recently, I got disappointed with a few individuals and organizations who did what would normal people call preaching trust, but I’m really wondering what’s that called in the entrepreneurship sphere.

Don’t we speak day and night about the positive energy entrepreneurship brings to society and that everyone and anyone involved with such positive energy activities should be a reliable, trustworthy person or organization; while you can practically see a completely different image in your day to day dealings with different people and organizations

Understanding what “shit storm” might start referring to exact events and individuals. While I was advised that I don’t mention it at all, believing that such actions will go no where, I find it a good opportunity to learn a few lessons from.

Calling it “business”; individuals and organizations alike are expected to behave in their best interest. Starting a partnership can be really tricky and deciding what to mention and what not to mention at every communication can be really a hard job especially for those new to the “game”.

Getting information about something struggling to become can present an extremely valuable opportunity to pursue and if you have the opportunity to, come on why not to start this already, probably unethically pointing the middle finger to someone but who will ever know, let alone proving this.

“Claims” and “disputes” are usually the word to be used in such situation and let’s find away to be nice and work together leaving this aside would be a typical response. But still such experiences affect values like truthfulness, trustworthiness and directness that’s extremely hard to regain as it goes away and it’s a direct testimony about how a person or an organization behaves.

A straight forward approach and direct response when you’re faced with such allegation would be the solution if you have something to say, wouldn’t it? But provided there is nothing to respond with a generic response would be the only possible choice.

Finally, sometimes in life we find ourselves getting back to basic values we had been taught as kids, doing business is no different than any other human behavior and it’s governed with the same ethical principles, the value of what’s being done and what the dispute is all about is usually less important that the human experience.

And you find yourself saying: whatever things will turn out to be; at least, I won’t be unoriginal!

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  • Gina Ghafari ``)

    By Gina Ghafari ``)

    Happy that there are still individuals with human genuine ethical values.


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