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I’m a 26 years old entrepreneur from Egypt, CEO & Founder of Egypreneur where I’m surviving a 5+ years long challenge in creating an economic identity for the generation-Y in Egypt, promoting entrepreneursim, creating a tribe of WILD Egyptian entrepreneurs, building products, services and capacities to help fellow Egyptians start and grow beautiful things and evolve Cairo into the modern Mecca of Global Trade and Investment.

I took my first baby steps in business as the Owner/Managing Director of Al-Adham Web Solutions where I explored my passion and came up with some great tech startup ideas and had a bit of infrastructure to play with, most of my tech startups didn’t really get to launch, or by the time they were ready, they had already been done, Egypreneur inspired me to stick around and try some more, then, it became my full time job to empower fellow entrepreneurs to do the same.


In 2012 I became full time dedicated to Egypreneur and sat up Egypreneur LLC to manage the brand work, currently leading its executive work as the CEO & Founder. I tell you, it’s one of the most interesting and promising young brands in Egypt. I’m also co-founder of a few other ventures and explore others from time to time.

Sometimes, I get struck with some great ideas and stumble upon some interesting findings and I just feel like sharing.

This journal is combination of my former official website “amagdy.com” and former personal blog “abdo.me” I challenge myself to write 5 posts a week, the only thing shared in all what I write is “me”, so welcome to abdo.me 🙂

I also found this motto chosen for this site some 4+ years ago and it tells the whole story of what I’m trying to do

Understand … Inspire … Lead …

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  • Mostafa Metwally

    By Mostafa Metwally

    HI Mate I am one of El Mashrou3 contestants and i am ready to talk with you to make a sequel for your article.
    and i will get another contestants as well reveal some good facts before the end of the show.

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