Chakras, a holistic 7-steps approach to balance and wellbeing

Chakras, a holistic 7-steps approach to balance and wellbeing

I had been fascinated with the topic of healing and becoming the best version of ourselves…

I found Charkra’s approach to be the most holistic and probably the simplest approach to pursue healing…

You connect what you thought was intellectual into your own body to certain “centers of energy” called Chakras…

This is possibly the best resource on the topic of Chakras:

My notes book simplified the video and the 7-steps healing journey to the below:

  1. Spine -> Earth -> Survival (Blocked by Fear): Let your fears flow down the creeks
  2. Genitals -> Water -> Pleasure (Blocked by Guilt): Release all blame and guilt within you
  3. Stomach -> Fire -> Will Power (Blocked by Shame): Release all letdowns and disappointments
  4. Heart -> Love -> Love (Blocked by Grief): Release all sadness and loss
  5. Throat -> Sound -> Truth (Blocked by lies): Release denials and lies
  6. Forehead -> Light -> Insight (Blocked by Illusion): Release illusions and separation
  7. Crown -> Thought -> Cosmic Energy (Blocked by attachment): Release all early attachments (attachment to all that you love)


The continuous pursuit of healing all these parts of us is the only guarantee that we keep living from our higher self…

The continuous pursuit of surrender…

Highlights from the World Bank Annual Meeting

Highlights from the World Bank Annual Meeting

I was invited to attend The World Bank/IMF Annual Meeting in Washington DC during October last year and participate in The Civil Society Policy Forum, you know me, I wouldn’t pass such an opportunity without leaving my mark so Egypreneur organized a panel discussion there entitled: Engaging Local Entrepreneurs on Solving Development Challenges, featuring, in order of the photo below, beside myself, Lana Newishy, Chris Schroeder, Hasina Kharbhih and Magdi Amin, will write more about it on Egypreneur Stories.

Reaching Out (2) – Starting an Online Business

This speech had been delivered by myself July, 21, at Cairo ToastMasters club. It was my 4th speech at the competent communicator track where my objective was “How To Say It” so while preparing this speech my main emphasis was picking the right words and forming the right phases and getting away from using jargon or difficult words. This speech is supposed to be from five to seven minutes.