Politics Illustrated: Free Chocolate for Everyone!!

Hi All,

Thankfully, two posts a week as minimum hadn’t been broken so far, and I’m hoping to find more time to blog more frequently. General updates will be added as I get other projects I’m currently working on stabilized.

So, this time I’m inspired by a Facebook conversation with Sami with a little bit unusual political views!!

Political Views: Free chocolate for everyone party

Actually, related to that, we had the following conversation:

Abdo: Hey, how is your political career going? “Free chocolate for everyone party”! I haven’t got mine yet.

Sami: Hey you, I am just packing the free chocolate for everyone and I will pack an extra ounce one for you :)))) *

Abdo: So, I’ll get two, I’d join your party, though πŸ™‚

Sami: Hmmm, so you’d like to serve me or my party?! Or both?!! ;)))))

Abdo: Oh, so you see yourself excluded from your party? Who’s packing the free chocolate?

I got it, so the 2 chocolates I’m getting one from your party, and the other from you.

So, from a strict political mentality I’d say, “I’d support you inside your political party till reaching the presidency. This way I’ll always guarantee my free chocolates will be increasing”.

Sami: Materialist!!! :))))

Abdo: LOL no, just a politician πŸ™‚

Sami: You look too young to be a politician! ;)))

Abdo: It’s the experience in our years that makes us great politicians. the ability to twist, deceive and manipulate people. joking!

There is no one too young to work in politics, but there is people who’s too kind to work in politics, just like yourself, Sami πŸ™‚


And yes, this is politics illustrated!! wherever you are, within your family, at work, or even in a charity organization, that’s the principle of everyday politics:

What’s in it for me – how can I get what I want and keep it coming.

That’s why Free Chocolate for everyone party, will find hard time surviving in a political environment. Except they have an intelligent man like myself leading them, I’ll be doing a great job for humanity too, with loads of free chocolate to manage.

What a devoted, sincere, public-centered leader am I?!!

– Abdo

** Published with Sami’s approval.

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