Nature, Ego, Co-Creation and Egypt

Probably the substance, attitude and approach of people to build is meant to be different than those who destruct, by the end of the day a healthy society needs both! Unfortunately, the scene in Egypt currently is witnessing a mystery, some people still don’t seem to be able to stop their negative approach towards everything and most of us seem to be incapable of stopping negative comments, moaning for any piece of news that pops-up on Twitter or a video shared on YouTube.

I like the approach of Ali RA while debating or even fighting, it was always about what’s best for the cause not his ego/interest. When you get some much into something and it consumes you, it’s very easy to associate your own existence with it and get your ego involved with all conversations, debates and accordingly deciding the future of that cause, as you want/see it.

Starting with the end in mind, means building the perfect image in your head and then positively manipulate conditions to reach it! If we believe in this and apply it to the current situation in Egypt, why are there so much stress, negative energy and hatred among those who fought side-by-side months ago.

Problems, challenges and complexities facing Egypt currently can be solved with a positive attitude, smile in our faces and vision for the future that the martyers fought for. We’re meant to learn from nature, everything happens in perfect synergy, you just should ‘facilitate’ its creation by persistence + positivity.

When I’m negative, I’m already few step away from facilitating the creation of any good and affecting my atmosphere accordingly. Nature then is not just the beautiful flowers growing by the Nile, nature is the set of occurrences that make up our fate and destiny and that also makes up the essence of our religion, is to submit to god’s will which we just called nature. So whatever I’m creating or fixing, I’d consider myself a facilitator to nature and by then I’m powered by God and my faith educates me that, when I’m powered by God, no one or nothing can stop me.

That’s how we can all co-create businesses, initiatives and families that’s the reflection of nature and god’s will. Then when I’m creating something, I’m not competing or stopping anyone but executing a task, I think, god assigned to me.

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