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This is a speech I delivered at Cairo ToastMasters club June, 23. The speech title had been “reaching out” and it was my 3rd speech at the competent communicator track, where the speech’s objective is “get to the point”.

So getting to the point here, the general purpose of the speech had been to make the audience aware of the fundamentals of networking and internet marketing. The specific purpose was to encourage the audience to effectively utilize social networks in their daily life, whether for expressing their political opinions, marketing their businesses or positioning themselves as competent professionals in their fields.

Notice that writing for a speech is different that writing an article and the style – in my case – is going according to the requirements in the project’s manual.


Since the beginning of mankind and formation of communities, people were seeking to reach out to others. The criteria that made some people more powerful than the rest was their ability to reach out to the public and spread their ideas, winning people’s trust and taking the lead in forming the identity of their communities.

No one can deny that the internet is the largest community ever known to mankind, and these principles does apply to the internet. Let’s take a look to some practical incidents that recently proved that. The Iranian elections, wasn’t the protests first reported on Twitter before even the mainstream media know about it.

War on Gaza, when the Israeli Army denied the western media from entering Gaza during the massacres, wasn’t these massacres reported Live! on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks? Not getting so far away from Egypt, the 6th of April movement in Egypt, wasn’t it started on Facebook and created one of the most politically striking movements by the Egyptian youth?

Let me tell you something very recent and I attended it myself, the white house was managing a chat room using Acrobat Connect with average 400 participant during Obama’s speech in Cairo, and that chat room was marketed via Facebook Ads. Plus, during the speech if you were on YouTube, you’d notice that upper banner with a link to the Live! speech.

Let’s see how sxephil a 23 years old guy, was able to have more than 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, and how his content usually reach more than 1 Million viewer per week. Also, through the internet people build their full time freelancing career, and ecommerce businesses is being started everyday.

All these incidents and more prove the importance of the internet as an effective marketing tool, and does prove to us that the investment that we’ll make to explore how to effectively utilize social media for spreading our ideas is really worthy.

We’ll go through 4 main steps we should all do in order to effectively use social media to achieve our goals:

Be There

Being on social networks is free, quick and easy.  Creating an account in the networks that’s relevant to the one’s interests is the first step for anyone planning to effectively utilize the power of the internet to pursue his/her goals.


Joining doesn’t mean a lot, if you’re not planning to participate with quality content that’s relevant to your network’s interests. Since you’re there it’s an investment of time and effort you put to produce quality content, from your own ideas and inspirations.

As content is king; the quality of your content will determine how far you’ll reach within the community.


Producing your own content, will usually result in being anxious for people to read and interact with your content. That might result in spamming people with content they’re not interested in. So the solution to that is to engage with the community, read their content and interact, your content will be most likely to be noticed.

Example of that, is replying to a popular YouTube video with a relevant reply, commenting on Facebook status messages .etc


People will always be touched by genuine individuals and content, so going all the way to marketing might result in being impersonal in communication, while in actuality, you’re supposed to maintain a personal touch in all your content and interactions as people either buy or get convinced by people who they have some kind of emotioal connection with.


The internet provides a valuable framework, if smartly utilized, it can enormously help you achieve your personal, professional or business goals.

Thanks everyone and happy networking.

– Abdo

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