WalaHaja #8: The Joker; the power of integrating your shadow/dark side

WalaHaja #8: The Joker; the power of integrating your shadow/dark side

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” – Carl Jung

I planted chicks at the tender age of 3 ~ 4, supervised by my grandfather who designed the whole “learning experience” and left me a sweet memory and a lesson to be remembered for a lifetime. Now, when I think about it. What is a quicker way to learn about “planting” than to start doing something wrong in a safe learning environment?

It’s not just quick, it’s also dirty, but, so what? Isn’t that what cleaning is for?

If your mistakes are “received well” on the other hand and the lesson is delivered in an equally hilarious and compassionate way, imagine the impact and speed by which learning can take place. It’s funny that this “try and error” is the exact way “machine learning” algorithms process information to “generate new ideas”.

It’s a “Quick and dirty” way of getting from point A to point B, but it’s messy, confusing and often also hurtful. But the messy can be cleaned, the confusion can be clarified and the hurt can eventually heal but the lessons stay for a lifetime and it offers a ruthless competitive edge, wisdom at the speed of thought.

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.” – Carl Jung

The real war that humans have is inward, it’s the war of the unhealed parts of our psyche that are still in the state of “processing” events from the past. And still reaching the optimal understanding of “how things should be” and “how life should be lived”.

There is something very unique about the potential of cracking this code, it’s actually finding out “how we should be responding to life’s events” while being fully free and fully alive embodying the global qualities of courage, justice, patience and ultimately wisdom.

A beautiful thing about the human mind and conscious is that “the wars that happen inside it” is not only necessary to reach the optimal objective of healing, balance and restoration to its most authentic and original state but also once the proper environment for it is built, the danger coming out from it could be reduced to absolutely “nothing”, it could sound funny, laughable, scary, but hey, it’s just that ones and zeros in a human mind.

In his masterpiece, “Ending your Inner Civil War”, pioneer psychiatrist, Carl Jung shares an outstanding understanding of the potential of humans and the healthy expression of their authentic selves.

Listen to “Ending your Inner Civil War” narrated by Alan Watts:

And here I’m shamelessly quoting the one of my favorite pieces on “Authenticity”:

—– begin copied text —–

The recognition of the fact that behind the social role that you assume; behind all your pretensions to being either a good citizen or a fine scholar or a great scientist or a leading politician or a physician or whatever you happen to be – that behind this façade – there is a certain element of the unreconstructed bum.

Not as something to be condemned and wailed over, but as something to be recognized as contributive to one’s greatness and to one’s positive aspect; in the same way that manure is contributive to the perfume of the rose.” ~ Alan Watts Tribute to Carl Jung

—– end copied text ——

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what has the capacity of connecting generations together, the potential, creativity and freedom of the young with the structures, rules and boundaries of their traditions represented by their history and ancestors.

And the challenge there is not really denying what happened or the fact that it did happen, but learning that “it’s okay”, “it’s funny” and “it’s forgiven” and that in reality given that it was a “learning experiment” guaranteed not to hurt anyone, by then we can boldly state it:

“Task failed successfully.”

And that would be worthy of a celebration and a new lesson to be shared and added to the collective human consciousness, while also allowing the space for “firm, grounded and responsible freedom” within the protective shoulders of human and godly embrace.

And here is a photo of the outcome of “The Joker” learning experiment. It was messy, but absolutely hilarious. I can’t wait to check all the memes 😉




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