WalaHaja #7: Divine Restoration; The Eye of Horus

WalaHaja #7: Divine Restoration; The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is signed and sealed on top of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids because we can’t move forward without a shared vision, the story of Horus: the young son, Osiris: the willfully blind father and their battle with Seth still fascinates and inspires me from a new angle each time I visit it.

Egypt is said to suffer from highly pronounced signs of generational struggle, where young people resent the control of the older generation, while older people resent the rebellious naivety of the young. As a young man in my twenties, I have personally witnessed signs of the struggle in business, culture, society.

As I completed my 35th year of age and I’m no longer the naively rebellious young man, and interestingly, I’m not either the controlling old yet, hopefully never. Though, I’m fascinated by the solution presented by Ancient Egyptians for how to govern and lead to prosperity.

Horus, the young, naive and idealistic son, loses an eye in the fight against Seth representing chaos and disorder and it’s only when Horus connects back with the wisdom and inspiration of his father, Osiris, he is able to conquer Seth and pave the way to a stable and prosperous Egypt.

I feel that it’s time for that resentment to be processed and for this connection to be re-established where the young are inspired and fascinated with the wisdom and experience of the old and the old are equally inspired and fascinated with the courage, creativity, and innovations of the young.

Let’s work together as one team and make something beautiful. Angels are all over the place protecting us and cheering for us and some of them have given their lives as sacrifices for a better future.

We owe them honesty and truthfulness in our pursuit. We shall all connect together as brothers and sisters.




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