A little bit about me

I enjoy my own journey of personal and professional growth
with very careful observation, analysis and extraction to the lessons learnt.
Along the way, I discovered a passion and skill in helping people like you grow into the best version of themselves!


I had a passion for coming up with smart innovations since a young age. To transform my innovations into sustainable business, I had to acquire the knowledge, experience and skills to transform into an entrepreneur.

My mission and vision

Influencing positive change in the areas I care most about:


I believe in change driven by economic development through entrepreneurship, competitive markets and putting production first.


I believe the greatest impact can be achieved through focusing our efforts on white rabbits, the leaders with most impact to shape the future.


I believe that for societies with massive youth population, the route to prosperity starts with consistent focus on nurturing its youth population


I prefer to exclusively focus efforts on innovative ideas, products and services as the gateway to reaching new horizons of productivity.


I believe in the democratization of access to learning opportunities as a way of seeding a new generation of leaders inspiring economic prosperity.


I believe that our world is connected in a way beyond our ability to comprehend. Accordingly, human activities have to follow nature & ecological principles.

Realizing your leadership potential

Once you realize your mission to drive change to your community, you start your journey as a leader. Just like you, I went through the journey and its challenges and Established Abdo Magdy International LLC to share case studies and best practices with you on how to become the best leader you could be.

Abdo Magdy

A little story

My career journey have evolved naturally to equip me with experiences of building a great company.
Below is a representation of the natural evolution of my career.

Some of my achievements

Recent Media & Apperances

My Services

I offer the following services through Abdo Magdy International LLC

Project Management Tools by Abdo Magdy

I’m an experienced, energetic and natural public speaker with 8 years of ToastMasters membership and over 100 speaking engagements including corporate keynote, event emcee and hosting various public talk experiences.
I offer tailored keynote speaking in various topics related to my interest. I bring passion, energy and a lot of fun to the public speaking opportunities presented to me.

Combining my experience as an entrepreneur and executive leader with my passion for coaching and helping people. I’m happiest to work one-on-one with corporate leaders who want to take their performance and their business to the next level.
The methodology that worked for me and I like to use for my coaching clients combines personal, psychological and situational profiling and analysis with iterative performance optimization, habit formation and life-work integration.

I design, deliver and facilitate training workshops to help you acquire the skills and taste the experiences you need to succeed.
Majority of workshops are pre-designed and pre-formatted, unless you have specific program, you can explore available programs and signup to ones most relevant to your current phase.
I collaborate with organizations looking to design and deliver training programs within my areas of interest and expertise.

As an experienced business strategist, I’m glad to share decisive moments with my clients. I help CXOs take the right strategic decision in relation to their business.
For me, business strategy combines rigor with creativity and follows a pre-defined process to graduate and measure effective strategies.
I help my Strategy Consulting clients track the evolution of their business strategy and help them to gain clairty of their options and criteria to select optimal strategy.


Below is a brief introduction to some of the projects I had been involved with

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