Life: Mistakes, Lessons or Fate?

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That had been a comment on  a blog I’ve wrote recently on Dina‘s blog Chosen Odyssey.

Take your time to believe that which you are conventionally expected to believe. We are not expected to make any mistakes, but are there any absolute mistakes in Life’s lessons?

Well Dina, to respond to the question we had to define 2 words “perception” and “mistake”.

Going back to the concept of paradigm shifting, and the fact that the image formed in our minds about a certain issue is nothing more than a formation from our past experiences and what we grew up believing from the our community and that image will, accordingly, differ between people, as they have different experiences and may be, cultural or religious background.

So, the perception of a “mistake” will differ widely between people.

In Engineering when someone ask for “the best” solution, he shouldn’t be given an answer till he defines all the variables associated with his problem. For example: What’s the best programming language to learn. the response had to be it depends! What applications are you going to develop, what’s your background in the topic, how much time you can dedicate for that .etc

When you go for a competition, you might be the most experienced or most knowledgeable among the competitors but you might not win! Why, they’re mostly judging based on a set of variables that might not be set the right way, they might be judging your technical writing skills and you’re the most qualified craftswoman .etc

So, when I say, I made a mistake or someone made a mistake, I defined some variables that I saw fit in that situation, and judged that based on my previous experience or background. And surely there is something I didn’t take into consideration when doing so, especially if we’re talking about life events.

But there is still things that’s considered to be mistakes by everyone, for example cheating on partners, is that a mistake or not? everyone knows that it’s a mistake.

So, everyone will pick a set of variables to judge actions, these variables might be coming from his own experience, the perception of his community, or religious teachings.

As believers, we’re supposed to believe in Al-Qadr or the Fate. As it’s among the 6 articles of faith for Muslims. That what happened, god wanted it to happen, and it’s the absolute good for us.

That concept might be hard to understand and believe, but much harder to practice while we’re in the acme of troubles.

That article will communicate what I want to say better, when it comes to perceiving actions as god’s will and as a result, it might be “wrong” or “mistakes” according to a certain standard, but for us it’s god’s will.

Attributes of Allah “The all Wise” check that article:

We as humans aren’t knowledgeable enough to find out all the variables associated with our life problems or situations, and as a result, while we do our best to approach the solution based on the variables we’re able to define, we should trust the ultimate knowledgeable entity which is aware of all the variables, and whether what we wanted worked or not, that was our fate, and god’s will.

We haven’t done a mistake, if we do that, even if we didn’t reach what we wanted.

You know, that’s the core belief of being a Muslim. Islam means submission to God. Which means accepting god as the all knowledgeable and submitting our will to him as he only knows the best for us.

– Abdo

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Life is a succession of battles, how to face it?

Success, acknowledgement, fame, glory.
Many of us fight for reasons like that,
but they don’t build a good name from one day to the next.
It is necessary to work hard even if there are stumbles and falls.
It is necessary to overcome obstacles.
It is necessary to have motivation, to persevere and insist.
Life is a succession of battles.
Job, family, friends: All of us have a current status, and most, expectations for the future.
However the twists and turns of fate take us by surprise.
One can not always do only what one likes,
but to those that like what they do and are proud of always doing better,
make more progress day by day.

At our moments of quiet, and hectic decisive moments when mere good intentions are not enough,
that’s when life demands of us, courage, boldness, creativity and an unquenchable fighting spirit.
The truth is that problems and setbacks happen more frequently than we would like.
Times change, new challenges arise, and new objectives.
The warriors look into the eyes of the future without fear or arrogance but with the confidence of those who are ready for battle.

Living is also being prepared for difficult situations.
How we approach the difficulties is was makes the difference.
Sometimes we ask, How can we cope with the radical changes that we are faced with?
It’s like acting a new scenario where things we used to do so well, now need to be relearned.
And how can we fight without letting go of fundamental values?
And more, how do we know exactly what needs to be done at the right time?
The amazing thing is that it is precisely upon facing adverse situations
that many rediscover the best in themselves.
Ethics, friendship, the capability to create new strategies based on experience.
The talents to promote positive alliances.
The spirit of leadership.
The awareness of the strength that resides in true teamwork.
All this comes to the forum when required by circumstances when one knows there is an important ultimate goal.

Naturally it’s not easy to give up habits, customs,
it’s not easy to adapt to new environments or employ resources we are not familiar with,
but all warriors know that pessimism and uncertainty hold one back at moments like this.
Even if the threat comes from many sides, with agility strength and determination,
we can achieve our goals.
A combination of energy and intelligence as well as a balance between emotion and reason
are essential to success.

It is a most satisfying feeling to reach the end of a task with a feeling of duty fulfilled and receive the accolades and respect of all our colleges,
the admiration of the people we love,
to hear our names spoken with pride,
The pride of having seen the obstacles, the opportunity of growth,
The pride of having seen life’s ups and downs and win.
The pride of being a winner who did not give up fundamental values.

Theophany of perfection – Ibn El-Arabi

Hey Everyone,

One of the most amazing pieces of spiritual writings I’ve ever read or heard for Ibn El-Arabi:

Listen, O dearly beloved! 
I am the reality of the world, the centre of the circumference, 
I am the parts and the whole.
I am the will established between heaven and Earth,
I have created perception in you only in order to be the object of my perception.
If then you perceive Me, you perceive yourself.
But you cannot perceive Me through yourself,
It is through my eyes that you see Me and see yourself,
Through your eyes you cannot see Me.

Dearly beloved!
I have called you so often and you have not heard Me.
I have shown myself to you so often and you have not seen Me.
I have made myself fragrance so often, and you have not smelled Me,
Savorous food, and you have not tasted Me.
Why can you not reach Me through the object you touch
Or breathe Me through the sweet perfumes?
Why do you not see Me? Why do you not hear Me?
Why? Why? Why?

For you my delights surpass all other delights,
And the pleasure I procure you surpass all other pleasures.
For you I am preferable to all other good things,
I am Beauty, I am Grace.
Love Me, love Me alone.
Love yourself in Me, in Me alone.
Attach yourself to Me,
No one is more inward that I.
Others love you for their own sakes,
I love you for yourself.
And you, you flee from Me.

Dearly beloved!
You cannot treat Me fairly,
For if you approach Me, It is because I have approached you.

I am nearer to you than yourself,
Than your soul, than your breath.
Who among creatures
Would treat you as I do?
I am jealous of you over you,
I want you to belong to no other,
Not even to yourself.
Be mine, be for Me as you are in Me,
Though you are not even aware of it.

Dearly beloved!
Let us go toward Union
And if we find the road
That leads to separation,
We will destroy separation.
Let us go hand in hand.
Let us enter the presence of Truth.
Let it be our judge
And imprint its seal upon our union

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Leadership – Long Before We Know Ourselves!

I loved these words:

Long before we know ourselves,
Our paths are already set in stone.
Some may never figure out their purpose in life,
And some will.
There are a lot of us who are caught up in this hell we all live in,
Content with being blinded by rules and judgment.
We live in a world where it’s more okay to follow than to lead.
In this world being a leader is trouble for the system we are all accustomed to.
Being a leader in this day and age is being a threat.
Not many people stood up against the system we all call life,
But toward the end of our first ten years into the millennium we heard a voice.
A voice who was speaking to us from the underground for some time.
A voice who spoke of vulnerabilities and other human emotions and issues never before heard so vividly and honest.
This is the story of a young man who not only believed in himself,
But his dreams too.
This is the story of The Man On The Moon.

-KiD CuDi,

Keeping Humble, the Egyptian way

flying bird


Just a Facebook status inspired me to post that blog, while developing the WordPress theme I’ll use for that blog and planning my online activities generally.

A piece from Egyptian popular poetry calling people to keep humble regardless of the position they attained in their temporary life ..

يا طير يا عالي في السما .. طظ فيك
ما تفتكرشي ربنا مصطفيك
برضك بتاكل دود .. وللطين تعود
تمص فيه يا حلو .. ويمص فيك

Oh there! you bird, flying high in the sky .. (Tozz) damn you!
Don’t just think that .. god has chosen you …
You still eat worms, and to the mud you’ll return (i.e. when you die) …
You suck it now, sweet .. and it’ll suck you soon (i.e. after your death) …
My Exclamations!

bird in mud

**** ‘Tozz’ is an Egyptian word illustrate being not interest in something and/or induce disrespect to it, don’t know a polite translation to it.

Have fun & keep humble!



Photos credit goes to:

1) Vicky Frank

2) Dave Hamster